Phasic Technologies is a full support job shop with internal manufacturing capabilities and a substantial network of supporting vendors. This allows us to quickly manufacture solid model prototypes, design and fabricate custom tooling and fixtures, and fulfill jobs that require volume production runs.

We utilize solid modeling and solids-based CNC machining in our manufacturing engineering. We also work with difficult materials and processes, using our extensive process knowledge in areas such as heat-treating, plating, vacuum brazing and design of hermetic and structural brazements.


Difficult Materials

Put our vast knowledge of materials and advanced processes to work for you. We’ll help develop processes to machine parts from various composites and plastics.
We’re also experienced in post-process machining, such as machining hardened steel components, to achieve optimum tolerances and meet the tightest specifications.


Injection Molding Services

Our precision plastic injection molding services are geared for custom miniature, small and multi-component parts in a wide selection of materials. Phasic’s advanced equipment and techniques can achieve the tightest tolerances (±0.005″) with a clamping force of up to 35 tons.


Rapid Prototyping

We utilize solid modeling and solids-based CNC machining to fully support our customers in developing their products with the lowest possible production costs.
We can assist in developing the processes and fabricate the custom tooling necessary to make your prototype a reality.


Custom Tooling

Many jobs require custom tooling and/or fixtures before production begins. Setting up a job properly is a key aspect to successful production and timely completion.
Phasic has many years of experience in developing the processes and building the necessary machine parts/fixtures required prior to your first production run.