• Deep Feature Hard Machining

    Deep Feature Hard Machining of H13 38-42 RC for Minimizing Distortion and Creep Post-Process

  • Precision Cylindrical and Prismatic Features in Hardened Steel.

  • We fully support our customers using solid modeling to develop new products quickly and efficiently.

Injection Molding

Our precision plastic injection molding services are geared for custom miniature, small and multi-component parts in a wide selection of materials…

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Rapid Prototyping

We fully support our customers with the services, process knowledge and expertise to develop new products quickly and cost-effectively…

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Custom Tooling

Phasic is experienced in developing the processes and fabricating the custom tooling necessary to make your job run efficiently…

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Work in Difficult Materials

Put our vast knowledge of materials and processes to work for you…

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Phasic is a full support job shop with rapid prototyping, custom tooling and precision injection molding services.

Recent Projects

Some examples of our recent projects include machining of hardened steel, prototyping and composite materials…

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Who We Are?

P hasic Technologies is a full support job shop located in Essington, PA, that specializes in solid-based CNC machining, custom tooling and fixture design, and rapid prototyping.
Phasic has years of experience working with difficult materials, from hardened steel to soft composites, and a wide variety of process knowledge in areas such as heat treating, plating and lining, vacuum brazement and design of hermetic and structural brazements.

Why Choose Phasic?

  • Full Support ShopOpen or Close

    1 Phasic provides a full compliment of services for jobs large or small. Our services include custom tooling, solid model prototyping, work with special or difficult materials, and injection molding services.

  • Process KnowledgeOpen or Close

    2 Phasic possesses a wide variety of process knowledge in areas such as heat treating, plating and vacuum brazements. We also specialize in the design and fabrication of heat exchangers, heat transfer and cryogenic devices, and hermetic devices.

  • Production CapacityOpen or Close

    3 Phasic has the flexibility to quickly manufacture one-off prototypes and the manufacturing capacity to run your volume production jobs.